Windmill Hill Book Explorers Club

Windmill Hill Book Explorers Club is a collaboration between the school and Friends of Windmill Hill developed as part of our strategy to help inspire a love of reading in our children. It takes place once per half term after school in the infant hall.

A huge range of new and used books are sold for lower than shop price, and children who have won a book token in school can exchange it for a free book. A ‘loyalty’ scheme is also run, whereby children can collect a stamp for each book they purchase with the 8th book free. Every month a new theme for the club is set and a new book-related activity of the month is sent home for children to complete before the next challenge, for the chance to win a free book.

A range of the previous activities can be found below. These are still fun activities to undertake with your children, even if the chance to win a book token for that challenge has closed.

Book Club is also responsible for the ‘Caught Reading’ posters that you may have seen around school. These are posters of key adults who the children know and see around school talking about why they love reading. It is an important part of the book club as it shows the children that adults also love reading. A range of the Caught Reading posters can be found below.

An annual book club challenge is also set each year on World Book Day. Find more details about this year’s challenge below.