In the folders below you will find all letters to parents. Electronic copies of these letters will be sent home to all parents who are signed up to our e-mail service. If you require a paper copy, please ask at the school office or contact us.

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5. Newsletter autumn term week 5.pdf623 kb06-Oct-17
10. Chapeltown Forum Christmas Fayre.pdf215 kb17-Nov-17
1. chapeltown village show week 1.jpg2.2 MB08-Sep-17
7. Newsletter autumn term week 7.pdf537 kb20-Oct-17
20. Newsletter spring term week 5.pdf176 kb12-Feb-18
6. Newsletter autumn term week 6 (1).pdf219 kb13-Oct-17
7. Halloween Party.pdf435 kb20-Oct-17
6. Asda.pdf554 kb13-Oct-17
15. PHE+childrens+vaccine+letter.pdf81 kb22-Dec-17
14. Newsletter autumn term week 14.pdf403 kb15-Dec-17
12 Sheffield Univ Sensory Processing and Literacy study.pdf251 kb01-Dec-17
13. Newsletter autumn term week 13.pdf164 kb08-Dec-17
16. Newsletter spring term week 1.pdf397 kb12-Jan-18
1. learning at home policy June 2017 week 1.pdf262 kb08-Sep-17
4. Newsletter autumn term week 4.pdf625 kb29-Sep-17
17. Newsletter spring term week 2.pdf487 kb19-Jan-18
11. Christmas Coffee and Carols 2017.docx663 kb24-Nov-17
21. Music Service Starter Form Summer.pdf248 kb20-Feb-17
11. Newsletter autumn term week 11.pdf565 kb24-Nov-17
ParentInformationUpdate9.9.16.pdf979 kb09-Sep-16
10. WHF Christmas Fayre.pdf559 kb17-Nov-17
33. triple p.pdf199 kb09-Jun-17
18. Newsletter spring term week 3.pdf493 kb26-Jan-18
11. christmas market flyer.pdf5.4 MB24-Nov-17
37. Road Safety - School Council.pdf226 kb07-Jul-17
35. Match Funding.pdf179 kb23-Jun-17
37. Families together page 2.pdf368 kb07-Jul-17
33. WH gov news edition 7.pdf424 kb09-Jun-17
7. Make a Wreath workshop.pdf256 kb20-Oct-17
1. pta 1617 achievements week 1.pdf681 kb08-Sep-17
37. Families Together page 1.pdf276 kb07-Jul-17
15. Newsletter autumn term week 15.pdf401 kb22-Dec-17
1. Newsletter autumn term week 1.pdf571 kb08-Sep-17
21. KEYBOARD LESSONS.pdf183 kb20-Feb-17
6. Halloween 2017-01.png303 kb13-Oct-17
10. How to carry out your Aviva vote.pdf1.4 MB17-Nov-17
10. Friendship Lunch 28 Nov Poster V5 (1) (1).pdf427 kb17-Nov-17
10. Newsletter autumn term week 10.pdf486 kb17-Nov-17
37. Windmill Hill Letter 07_07_17.pdf228 kb07-Jul-17
28. SCSP FAQ's updated.pdf206 kb28-Apr-17
10. christmas market flyer.pdf5.4 MB17-Nov-17
12. Newsletter autumn term week 12.pdf633 kb01-Dec-17
19. I Love Children's University.pdf790 kb03-Feb-17
Windmill Hill Governor News February 2017.pdf788 kb01-Feb-17
19. Newsletter spring term week 4.pdf487 kb02-Feb-18
8. Newsletter autumn term week 8.pdf563 kb27-Oct-17
12. Windmill Hill gov news edition 8.pdf334 kb01-Dec-17