In the folders below you will find all letters to parents. Electronic copies of these letters will be sent home to all parents who are signed up to our e-mail service. If you require a paper copy, please ask at the school office or contact us.

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Heathly Minds Parent's Letter 18-1-19.pdf365 kb18-Jan-19
Fashion Show Poster.pdf186 kb09-Nov-18
Amnesty Week.pdf1.0 MB26-Oct-18
Newsletter week 17 Spring Term 2019.pdf1.1 MB18-Jan-19
Newsletter Week 13 Autumn Term 2018.pdf1.1 MB07-Dec-18
Issue 3 November Newspaper.pdf2.8 MB07-Dec-18
Christmas Fayre Chapeltown Forum 2018.pdf371 kb30-Nov-18
27. Litterpick 2019.pdf408 kb18-Apr-19
29. Newsletter week 29.pdf1.4 MB03-May-19
NSPCC Letter to Parents - Before the Visit.pdf359 kb26-Oct-18
Newsletter Week 11 Autumn Term.pdf658 kb23-Nov-18
21. Move night - KS1.pdf688 kb14-Feb-19
23. Discovery Night 2019 A3 Poster.jpg205 kb08-Mar-19
Newsletter week 18 Spring Term 2019.pdf1.2 MB25-Jan-19
Newsletter Week 20 - Spring Term 2019.pdf1.5 MB11-Feb-19
26. Newsletter week 26 - Spring Term 2019.pdf1.5 MB29-Mar-19
21. Newsletter week 21 - Spring Term 2019.pdf1.7 MB14-Feb-19
Newsletter Week 16 Spring Term 2019.pdf1.2 MB11-Jan-19
Newsletter week 8 Autumn Term.pdf679 kb26-Oct-18
Newsletter Week 1 Autumn term.pdf681 kb07-Sep-18
Newsletter Week 14 Autumn Term.pdf1.1 MB14-Dec-18
30. Newsletter week 30 Summer Term 2019.pdf1.5 MB10-May-19
24. Newsletter week 24 -Spring Term 2019.pdf1.5 MB15-Mar-19
Behaviour Policy 2018-19.pdf316 kb07-Sep-18
Newsletter Week 4 Autumn Term.pdf686 kb28-Sep-18
Issue 1 September newspaper.pdf3.4 MB28-Sep-18
Newsletter week 6 Auturmn Term.pdf673 kb12-Oct-18
22 Newsletter week 22 - Spring Term 2019.pdf1.5 MB08-Mar-19
Issue 2 October newspaper.pdf3.1 MB09-Nov-18
27. Newsletter week 27 - 2019.pdf1.5 MB18-Apr-19
25. Easter CU Passport Activity Newsletter.pdf2.1 MB22-Mar-19
28. Newsletter Week 28 Summer Term 2019.pdf1.3 MB26-Apr-19
Behaviour@ Windmill Hill - a new approach.pdf578 kb07-Sep-18
Newsletter Week 19 Spring Term 2019.pdf1.7 MB01-Feb-19
Newsletter Week 2 Autumn Term.pdf692 kb12-Oct-18
Newsletter Week10 Autumn Term.pdf657 kb16-Nov-18
Newsletter week 7 Autumn Term.pdf676 kb19-Oct-18
25 Newsletter Week 25 Spring Term 2019.pdf1.5 MB22-Mar-19
Fundraising Poster.pdf606 kb12-Oct-18
Newsletter Week12 Autumn Term.pdf662 kb30-Nov-18
23. Newsletter week 23 - Spring Term 2019.pdf1.7 MB08-Mar-19
Windmill Hill Bake Off 2018 Flyer.pdf306 kb23-Nov-18
Chapeltown Library Christmas Coffee and Carols Flyer.pdf402 kb30-Nov-18
Christmas Hamper Raffle Flyer.pdf253 kb16-Nov-18
Bizkids poster.pdf942 kb23-Nov-18
Soccer Camp Flyer.pdf500 kb23-Nov-18
WINDMILL HILL OTIS newsletter Nov 2018 updated.pdf1.0 MB30-Nov-18
31. Newsletter week 31 Summer Term 2019.pdf1,019 kb17-May-19
Newsletter Week 3 Autumn term.pdf691 kb21-Sep-18
Newsletter Week 5 Autumn Term.pdf675 kb05-Oct-18
28. Spring School Disco leaflet.pdf523 kb26-Apr-19
26. Easter Egg Hunt Chapeltown Park.pdf68 kb29-Mar-19
Newsletter Week 9 Auterm Term.pdf733 kb09-Nov-18
21. Move night - KS2.pdf681 kb14-Feb-19