Star Of The Week

Every Friday we hold our 'Star of the Week' assembly. Every member of staff chooses one child that has impressed them during the week. During the assembly the member of staff tells the whole school why they have chosen their 'Star' and presents them with a certificate.

Children can be nominated for absolutely any reason: excellent work; good behaviour; positive attitude; being a good friend; making an effort to improve etc.

Here are this week's stars:

Stars Of The Week
Foundation StageZebras: Dylan E
Hippos: Josie G
Year 1Robins: Darcey H; Charlie T
Kingfishers: Madison R; Noah H
Year 2Dinosaurs: Holly M; Jack H
Dragons: Ava H; Olwen R
Year 33 HB: Rocco T; Pia K
3 RT: Jacob W; Reece M
Year 44 EA: Joshua W; Jessica N
4 JS: Katie H
Year 55 TF: Martha H
5 RB: Sebastian P
Year 66 AP: Maddison W
6 DK: Lila-Rae K; Mateusz R