School Council

Our School Council is an important part of our school. They make decisions and work hard to help improve aspects of our school. Following our whole school assemblies about democracy and what makes a good councillor, every child has the chance to put themselves forward to be their class representatives. They write speeches and tell the rest of the class why they want to be a councillor and what ideas they have for school improvement. The class vote for two people they would like to represent their class.

This year's councillors are:

  • Y1GL (Flamingos): Stanley & Lily
  • Y1LH (Puffins): Toby & Alice
  • Y2HC (Parrots): Seren & Jed
  • Y2RM (Leopards): Joe & Grace
  • Y3JS: Cole & Maisie
  • Y3PK: Faine & Ebony
  • Y4HB: Olly & Phoebe
  • Y4PB: Rosie & Jake
  • Y5TF: Sophie & Tom
  • Y5DK: Lily & Atrin
  • Y6RT: Flynn, Jessica, Daisy & Alexi
  • Y6HG: Sam, Skye, Niamh & Oliver

The school council have decided that the school improvement projects this year will be:

  • Road Safety
  • Assemblies
  • Improving the school grounds
  • Improving playtimes

The acts of kindness this year will be:

  • bringing Christmas cheer to our local community.
  • Supporting a homeless charity.
  • Supporting a local animal shelter.