Year 4

A really warm welcome from the Y4 team.

Miss Shallow, Mr Tate and Miss Dronfield.

This Year's Learning Challenges

  • Why is Sheffield such a cool place to live? (GEOGRAPHY)
  • Where would you choose to build a city? (GEOGRAPHY)
  • What happens to the food we eat? (SCIENCE)
  • How could we cope without electricity for one day? (SCIENCE)
  • Why is the sound that 'One Direction' makes, enjoyed by so many? (SCIENCE)
  • How would we survive without water? (SCIENCE)
  • Which wild animals and plants thrive in your locality? (SCIENCE)
  • Why were the Romans so powerful and what did we learn from them? (HISTORY)
  • Who were the early law makers? (Anglo-Saxons: HISTORY)
  • Why were the Norman castles certainly not bouncy? (HISTORY)

Reading helpers are always welcome, as are any volunteers! Please feel free to contact us at any time via the school email or come in person and say hello and arrange a meeting.