Children With Additional Needs

All children are individuals and, as such, have their own individual needs. The needs of most of our children are met through regular classroom provision, however for some of our children additional provision is required in order to support their needs. Additional needs may be academic needs or those of a social, emotional nature.

In school Miss Natasha Scott is the school's Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator; she is there to ensure our children with additional learning needs are effectively supported and are able to make progress in line with their peers. Please see the documents below to find further details of the school's offer for our children with Special Educational Needs.

Mrs Beverley Heald is the school's SEND and Behaviour Specialist. Mrs Heald works with children on the SEND register to allow them to access learning in the classroom. She will also provide additional interventions to support children with additional needs that cannot be met in the classroom.

Mrs Joanne Furniss is the school's Learning Mentor. Mrs Furniss works with children and their families to ensure that children are able to access school effectively and have their social and emotional needs met.

If you feel that your child has needs that require addtional support please contact your child's class teacher, Miss Scott, Mrs Heald or Mrs Furniss to discuss.

Miss Scott's contact details:

Mrs Heald's contact details:

Mrs Furniss' contact details:

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